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Commercial Main Line Cleaning from Pacific Plumbing and Drain Services in Portland OR and Vancouver WAThe main line drain is the central drainage system for a commercial, industrial or institutional facility. Businesses cannot afford to let their operations be hampered by obstructions in this key section of their plumbing. As a result, drain issues should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent bigger plumbing problems or potential health risks.

Signs of a Clogged Main Line Drain

Several signs occur when a main line drain begins to clog. These problems indicate that it is time to schedule an appointment with a commercial plumbing company. Telltale symptoms of a clogged sewer line include:

  • The sink, toilet, or shower drains gurgle or drain slowly.
  • Excess water rises back up in the drain.
  • One fixture backs up when another is used. For example, water rises in the sink drain when the toilet is flushed.
  • Raw sewage accumulates on the floor or around a drain.
  • Foul and offensive odors emanate from one or more drains.

What Causes Sewer Line Drain Problems?

Several issues can cause a main drain line to become slow or blocked, including:

  • Grease, food particles, coffee grounds and filters as well as other kitchen debris accumulating inside the pipe.
  • Inappropriate items are tossed into the toilets.
  • Heavy commercial oil is poured into drains.
  • Excess toilet paper and personal hygiene products are tossed inside the system.
  • Tree roots protrude through underground pipes.
  • The pipe fails because of natural wear and tear or the shifting ground.

Once a potential problem has been identified, it must be addressed quickly to keep the facility’s plumbing system functioning properly.

Contact a Commercial Main Line Drain Cleaning Service

Depending upon the nature of the clog, a commercial sewer line drain cleaning can be accomplished in a number of ways. This may involve using high-pressure water jetting or non caustic chemicals. In some cases, corrosion or cracks may require that the drain line should be replaced. A professional commercial main line cleaning service has the tools and experience to identify and address each issue as required so that business operations can continue with minimal disruptions.

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