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Large organizations and businesses typically use one or more types of commercial faucets. In most cases, the faucets are used by numerous people every day and deliver thousands of gallons of water, which causes extensive wear and tear.

Leaky Faucet Repairs

Commercial Faucet Repair From Pacific Plumbing And Drain in Vancouver WA and Portland ORA leaky faucet that does not turn off properly wastes water and drives up utility bills. If it fails to control the water temperature, it can cause injuries and damage temperature-sensitive property. It is important to perform the restroom or kitchen repair before it becomes a bigger issue. The question arises when or if to perform a commercial faucet repair or a replacement all together.

When to Repair or Replace a Faucet

Most leaky faucets are caused by the failure of internal components. These parts will vary by the type of faucet. Chemicals used to purify water can degrade the washers and O-rings. A cartridge faucet can experience a buildup of sediment or rust within the housing. Brass valves may develop pitting or small holes because of age. If the internal component can be replaced, it is usually the quickest and least expensive repair option. When the faucet is rusty or has holes, it should be swapped out with a new faucet.

Potential Commercial Faucet Repair Issues

A sink or faucet can leak in a number of other areas. These include:

  • A damaged or loose packing nut at the base of the faucet
  • The drain stopper assembly that no longer holds water or will not stay up
  • A leak underneath the sink at a supply line fitting
  • The water faucet or pipes squeal or bang when the water is running indicates trapped air
  • The drain seal is broken, allowing water to leak out of the bottom of the sink.

These problems may require replacing a fitting, water supply line or the drain stopper assembly. The sink repair may require that the drain be sealed in place with fresh plumber’s putty.

Hiring a Commercial Plumber

When you have a lavatory or kitchen repair project, you need an experienced commercial plumber to perform the job. Their expertise ensures that you get a faucet and sink combination that best accommodates your particular needs and budget.

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