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A business or property owner can never be too careful regarding the plumbing maintenance of a commercial building. The pipes in the system experience significant use and stress that can overtax the plumbing. An older building may have pipes that were manufactured from substandard materials, such as galvanized steel or polybutylene, which can corrode or fail prematurely. When problems begin to appear, the only viable option may be to repipe the building.

What is Commercial Plumbing Repiping?

Commercial plumbing repiping is the process of removing older lead, iron, steel or polybutylene pipes with newer materials. The commercial plumbing repipes use copper, PVC or PEX. Although the task sounds like it would be incredibly disruptive to business operations, it does not have to be. In some cases, the new pipes can be installed with minimal damage. Entrusting the job to a commercial plumber who has experience repiping ensures that it will be handled quickly and smoothly.

Signs That a Building Needs Repiping

Property owners and occupants should be on the lookout for signs of trouble. These include:

  • Stains on the walls or fallen tiles indicate that there might be a leak inside the wall cavity.
  • The wall, floor or ceiling may also be wet, cold or hot if water is leaking inside a void.
  • An unexplained rise in utility bills may indicate the presence of a leak. If the location of the leak is not readily apparent, it may be underground. This can be verified by determining whether the water meter continues to run after the faucets inside the building are turned off.
  • Pipes with cracks or holes allow debris and fungi to contaminate the water. The water may appear yellow or brown and have an odor. Holes also reduce water pressure.

Who Should Get Commercial Plumbing Repipes?

Buildings constructed before 1970 have plumbing systems with a higher potential for developing corrosion and leaks. It is generally recommended that property owners have an experienced commercial plumber inspect the building and diagnose the health of the pipes.

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