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Commercial Water Heater Installation from Pacific Plumbing and Drain Services in Vancouver WA and Portland ORLike a personal residence, a commercial building must provide its occupants a consistent source of hot water for their various needs, including cooking, cleaning and space heating. A faulty water heater or a system that is too small for the task will not be able to meet the daily requirements of those who work, visit or reside in the building. Commercial buildings need safe, efficient hot water heaters that are robust enough to meet the workload around the clock. It is difficult to deal with the issues that a malfunctioning water heating system can cause.

In order to meet the demand, commercial water heaters may operate using electricity, gas lines and flames as well as pressurized contents that contain scalding water. A malfunctioning unit could result in serious damage and injuries. As a result, municipal codes regulate the location where different types of water heater can be installed as well as the qualifications for plumbers authorized to repair and install the unit. This includes electric, gas and on-demand hot water heaters. Commercial property owners need a dependable plumber with experience repairing and installing a variety of water heaters capable of meeting their needs.

Commercial Water
Heater Repair

Your water heater may need to be serviced if the hot water runs out faster than usual or it develops a leak. A certified plumber will inspect the system to identify the problem before it can become a major issue.

Commercial Water Heater Replacement

A commercial water heater must be replaced when repairs are no longer economical. In addition to being more energy efficient, the new system must be sized correctly so that it produces the amount of hot water needed.

Commercial On Demand Water Heaters

Tankless on demand water heaters are considered more energy efficient and environmentally friendly because the unit only produces hot water when it is needed. These models may reduce the water heating expenses by as much as 30 percent.

Why Hire a Professional?

Municipal codes often dictate that only a licensed plumber is authorized to install or repair commercial water heaters. Because the malfunction of an improperly installed or serviced unit can have catastrophic consequences, property owners should insist on using only an experienced commercial plumber. These knowledgeable individuals are familiar with electric, gas and on-demand systems, including units installed near faucets. They can correct improper installations that may have led to a code violation so that the water heater can be returned to service.

An experienced plumber can also evaluate the hot water needs of a business and determine if the current system can meet this requirement. Based on this calculation, the building may need a different size unit. If the water heater does not produce sufficient hot water, the issue could be that the unit is too small to meet the demand. If a new unit is required, an experienced plumber can relocate the unit if necessary. Potential scenarios for repositioning the unit include size constraints or the need for the heater to be closer to fixtures. An experienced plumber can help an organization with virtually any type of hot water unit repair, new installation or relocation project. The job can be accomplished quickly and safely with minimal downtime to facilitate the needs of the business.

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