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Commercial Water Heater Replacement From Pacific Plumbing And Drain Services in Vancouver WA and Portland ORHot water is taken for granted until it is not available for washing hands, sterilizing equipment and cleaning dishes. A facility cannot rely on a faulty water heater to provide a consistent source of hot water for cooking, cleaning or personal hygiene. When the system malfunctions, the loss of hot water creates chaos in an organization’s daily routine. Many operations, such as hospitals, restaurants and fitness centers, need a consistent supply of hot water to provide vital services.

Signs of Commercial Water Heater Problems

A number of problems can cause a lack of hot water within a facility. Identifying and fixing the reason that the equipment is malfunctioning, requires the assistance of a qualified commercial water heater repair technician. Potential signs of water heater issues include:

  • The water is too cold, too hot or runs out prematurely.
  • The pilot light will not remain lit.
  • The water appears rusty or smells foul.
  • The water pipes are leaking.
  • The water heater is making rumbling, popping or whining sounds.

An experienced technician can diagnose and correct the problem whether the equipment uses gas or electricity to heat the water. Their expertise includes the ability to repair a conventional water heater equipped with a storage tank or a tankless on-demand system. The appropriate repair will depend upon the problem and the type of system installed.

Commercial Water Heater Repair Service

In addition to fixing the main problem, the service technician will inspect the condition of the following:

  • Electrical components
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Pipefittings
  • The pilot light or ignition system as applicable

Various components must work in concert to ensure that the heater works properly. Any unresolved issue that affects one part will typically cause issues with other installed components. If these issues cannot be corrected, a new water heater should be installed.

The repair technician will also ensure that the system meets current code requirements. Potential safety issues include the absence of an overflow regulator or the use of a substandard circuit breaker. Contact a qualified commercial plumber when problems or questions arise.

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