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Commercial Water Heater Repair by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver WA and Portland ORDepending upon the system, a water heater can last up to 15 years. While regular maintenance can extend the service life of a water heater, it will eventually be more practical to replace the appliance.

Time to Replace a Water Heater ?

There are some signs that a water heater is about to fail. These include:

  • The age of the unit is greater than 15 years. Components may be wearing out faster than usual resulting in frequent services calls and repair costs.
  • Rusty water is a telltale sign that the water heater is losing capacity and efficiency because the reservoir has corroded.
  • Rumbling sounds and other strange noises indicates that a large layer of sediment has accumulated and hardened in the bottom of the storage tank. The additional stress on the tank lining increases the potential for holes and tank failure.

Commercial Water Heater Installation Options

While modern water heaters using a storage tank have greater efficiency and energy savings than their older counterparts, in addition there are even more environmentally friendly options available. Tankless on-demand systems can be powered by gas or electricity. A powerful heat exchanger heats water only when the hot water faucet is turned on. There is no requirement to reheat water stored in a reservoir.The water heater can use a heat pump to extract heat from the air to raise the temperature of the water in a conventional storage tank. This system lowers the cost of heating water. Solar power can also be used to heat water. While an active system use pumps to help circulate hot water, a passive system may last longer. The commercial water heater installation requires a storage tank and a backup method for heating water on days when there is not enough sunlight to meet demand.

Energy Savings

Newer systems are more energy efficient. This will save on utility expenses. A new unit will also require less maintenance. The costs savings will help offset the price of the new unit and its installation. An experienced commercial plumber can provide information on available commercial water heater replacement options for the organization.

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