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Drain Cleaning for Rainy Weather: Everything You Need to Know

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How do you protect your home from drain clogs in rainy weather? One of the major threats Pacific Northwest homeowners face is the amount of rain they receive, but it’s not thought about enough. 

Drain cleaning is an essential task to carry out before the rainy season. The last thing you want is to deal with water-related emergencies due to drain clogs or blockages. 

Read on to learn why drain cleaning for rainy weather is important, how to prevent clogging during rainy weather, and the solution to your drain blockages. 

Importance of Pre-Rainy Weather Drain Cleaning 

Even though rainwater is beneficial, in excess, it can damage your home – this is especially true if you don’t clean and properly maintain your outdoor drainage system. There’s a strong chance that this is going to be an extra-rainy season in the Pacific Northwest; let’s go through the benefits of drain cleaning to prepare for the rains!

  1. Faster drainage and fewer drain clogs – Despite a homeowner’s best efforts, drains receive a lot of things – even the most careful person cannot completely prevent build-up in the drains. Regular cleaning is essential if you want faster drainage and fewer drain clogs. 
  2. Reduced foul odors – An awful smell coming from the drain is common with dirty and clogged drains. Foul odors are even worse when there’s rain, and your drains are clogged, so it’s important to clean your drains prior to heavy rains. 
  3. The reduced likelihood of expensive repairs – Water-related emergencies like drain backups and floods cause costly home repairs. Cleaning your drains will help you prevent drain backups during the rainy season. 

Signs That Your Outdoor Drain Is Clogged 

How do you know that your outdoor drain is clogged and needs cleaning Here are signs to look out for:

  • Standing water in your yard 
  • Excessive debris, including leaves or trash, collecting near your outdoor drains 
  • The unpleasant smell when you walk by the drain 
  • Appliances can start to gurgle because of the backup outside 
  • Drains inside your home start gurgling, draining slowly, or not draining at all 
  • Backing up of the sewage eventually flowing back into your house 

How to Prevent Drain Clogs or Blockages 

When it’s rainy and windy outside, your outdoor drains are susceptible to drain blockages because twigs, soil, leaves, and other debris might end up in the drains. However, there are plenty of ways to keep your outdoor drains clear of clogs in the coming rainy weather. 

You first need to locate your outdoor drains to prevent drain blockages in the rainy season. Some homeowners may not know whether their drains are located in their yards. You can get help from a professional plumber like Pacific Plumbing & Drain to locate your drains. 

One of the best ways to prevent any future drain blockages is to conduct proper drain maintenance annually. That includes clearing overgrown bushes, plants, or trees near your outdoor drains. It’s also important to clean the area under the grate – it’s meant to catch larger items that fall into the drain. 

If your drains lack grates, consider installing them over the outdoor drains. A grate will prevent debris or gunk from getting into your drains and causing clogs. And if you still have standing water as a problem even after regularly cleaning your yard, consider relocating your drain to a proper place or installing a new drain. 

Clean Your Outdoor Drains Professionally 

Cleaning your drains to prepare your home for rainy weather is important if you want to prevent drain blockages. Even though you can clean on your own, diagnosing why and where your drains are clogged can be challenging, especially if the build-up affects multiple drains. 

At Pacific Plumbing & Drain, we have all the necessary tools and knowledge to help you clean your drains. Contact us today for drain cleaning services and prepare for the rainy season. We serve both the Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas.

Drain Cleaning for Rainy Weather: Everything You Need to Know IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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