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Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services provides exceptional dry well drain cleaning in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas.Dry wells are a time-tested method of controlling excess water and flooding, and make an excellent solution for many property owners. Dry wells have been used for many years but the technology behind them has improved in recent years. Pacific Plumbing & Drain is proud to offer this type of drain, as well as dry well cleaning services!

What is a Dry Well?

A dry well is a calculated hole that’s excavated or drilled out of any ground type so that water can collect in a controlled manner. Depending on the amount of groundwater collecting on your property, a hole of specific, calculated diameter can be placed in a prime water-collection location on your property.

Pipes and drain equipment are then installed at the bottom of a dry well to direct water to a preferred location to prevent the build-up of ground water and instances of localized flooding. This is particularly useful to guide water off your property, or into areas which don’t receive a huge amount of water.

How Does Dry Well Cleaning Work?

Dry wells do need cleaned and maintained from time to time. Cleaning your dry well involves the use of a specialized dry well truck, such as Vector’s Jetter truck, and industrial dry well cleaning equipment. Pacific Plumbing & Drain performs dry well cleaning, and we have all the equipment to completely clear away any clogs.

Depending on the depth and materials involved with your specific dry well, we may also use water jets and vacuum lines to remove debris, clogs, and undesired materials from your dry well. It’s essential that your dry well is cleaned with the proper equipment to avoid damage to your well and surrounding property.

Why is Dry Well Maintenance Important?

Once you’ve opted for dry well drain installation, your ground flooding and excess water problems will be resolved. That’s because dry wells are highly efficient in removing water from virtually every type of soil and ground. If your dry well is more than a few decades old, or has been failing to work properly, then you should have it inspected for a possible cleaning.

It’s vital that you maintain your dry well with regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent flooding on your property. When clogs and blockages form in your dry well they can misdirect water and prevent the dry well from draining properly. If left too long, this problem can result in the need for a costly dry well replacement.

Pacific Plumbing & Drain performs all aspects of dry well cleaning and maintenance, including repair. Contact us today for your dry well installation or drain cleaning!

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