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French drain cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA by Pacific Plumbing and DrainOver-saturated ground can be a real problem for homeowners and businesses alike. Not only is walking through water-filled ground a nuisance, pools of water can create issues on your property including messes, structural damage, undesired water run-off patterns, and plant and gardening disruptions. Excess water pooling can be fixed a simple french drain, but even those need to be cleaned from time to time! Without french drain cleaning, your yard is going to be full of water again.

What is a French Drain?

French drains involve piping that’s perforated on the lowest points. The piping is angled to allow water to flow through easily while reducing clogs and build-up. French drain pipes are placed in a porous layer of gravel or sediment, so gravity can then drain the water gently. Because water can be full of debris and other objects, the pipes or rocks below can eventually become clogged.

French drains are perforated along the length of the pipe’s lowest surface, allowing water to enter the system from any point along the path of the pipe. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Water can enter at multiple points
  • Improved water flow
  • Large debris and clogging materials are less likely to build up

With the added number of entry points and more evenly distributed flow of water, french drains are often superior in removing excess water from virtually all types of grounds. This also means that there is more opportunity for many small clogs to happen along the pipe, instead of one large clog.

Why Do I Need Regular French Drain Cleaning?

Regular maintenance from a company like Pacific Plumbing & Drain can significantly reduce the likelihood of a major clog. While french drains are less prone to clogging than conventional drain systems, they do need regular maintenance to prevent water back-up and potential clog-forming situations.

Cleaning or unclogging a french drain is relatively easy. We’ll find the entrance to your French drain and inspect it. We’ll then attempt to pressure wash down the pipe, and if the water comes back up, we’ll switch to a more intense method of French drain cleaning, using an electric auger or snake to clear any clogs within your French drain. Your pipes will be clear once more!

French Drain Cleaning and Installation

If you’re looking to upgrade your property’s drain system, a French drain may be an excellent option for your home or business! Pacific Plumbing & Drain can install a french drain in nearly any type of soil to eliminate the pooling of water on your property. Contact us today for your French drain cleaning or installation!

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