Unclogging Laundry Room Drains

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Laundry Room Plumbing by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver WA and Portland ORMost people think of kitchens and bathrooms at the mention of drain cleaning, but there two other areas of the home that can use a little attention by a qualified plumber: laundry and utility rooms! At Pacific Plumbing & Drain, we offer complete laundry and utility room drain cleaning services.

Washing Machine Drains Can Get Clogged

In an ideal world, nothing would go down your drains that wasn’t water. But if you have kids or pets, you know that is nearly impossible! From large amounts of pet hair to small children’s toys, your washing machine drains are going to see a lot of items that aren’t supposed to go down. Even things like fabric softener and tiny fabric particles can build up over time, creating blockages and slow drains.

How do I know if my washing machine drain is clogged?

There are a few ways to know that you have some laundry room drain issues, including:

  1. Water not draining from machine
  2. Leaks or flooding around the bottom of the machine

If you see either of these two signs, call Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services. We can diagnose your plumbing issue, inspect your laundry room drain, and clear the clog in no time!

Utility Sink Drains and Heavy Use

Utility sinks are frequently found in laundry rooms. These typically larger sinks are incredibly convenient, especially to wash items that you wouldn’t clean in the kitchen sink.

But because of this convenience and their large size,  utility sinks can be misused! Just like other sinks, you should be careful with what you’re flushing down these drains. Here is a list of things you should never wash down a utility sink drain:

  • Large quantities of dirt
  • Small objects
  • Large quantities of paint
  • Grease and oil
  • Sand

Basically, if you have a lot of it, and it’s not water soluble, don’t try to put it down a drain. It’s not going to work out well!

Maintain Your Laundry Room and Utility Room Drains

If you’ve neglected your drains, you’re not alone. It’s easy to forget they exist until a major drain clog occurs! During the lifetime of your home, you’re going to need to call a plumber at least once–but wouldn’t it be better if you could maintain your drains, and avoid large drain cleaning bills altogether? Contact Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services for your laundry room drain cleaning today! We can make sure your drains remain clear–and we offer emergency drain cleaning services!


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