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Plumbing Line Scope Video Inspections by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver WA and Portland ORDrain problems can be a major frustration! Fortunately, plumbing technology has evolved significantly over the last decade, and we can now use plumbing video inspections to actually see a clog within your home’s plumbing system. Also known as a sewer scope, we use video inspections to fully diagnose the source of the clog–all before we start working on your system. When your plumbing system is running slowly, it may be tempting to think “clog” and solve for that problem, but as experienced plumbers, we know the issue could be much more significant. There could be a number of different things causing your slow drains, including small leaks, tree root invasion, or seriously damaged pipes.

How does plumbing video inspection work?

A plumbing inspection camera is a fiber optic line attached to a high definition video camera. We snake the camera through a plumbing line to provide a clear picture of the plumbing problem. This sewer camera can show corrosion, clogs, broken pipes and other major plumbing pipe issues. By using video pipe inspections, home owners can avoid costly repairs.

Before video pipe inspection was an option, detecting sewer problems often included excavating the pipe line. This typically damaged the existing pipe and caused major landscaping damage. By employing a plumbing camera, it is possible to avoid costly missteps and quickly identifies the problem. Occasionally it is still necessary to replace pipes, using sewer pipe inspection can save time and money.

Repairing Leaks with a Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

If a video inspection detects pipe corrosion, the issue can typically be handled without bringing in heavy machinery. It is possible to fix leaky corroding pipes or leaky joints by using sealants. This is easier, quicker and doesn’t damage the surrounding area. Sometimes sealants can even be sent down the same path as the video inspection camera, avoiding any additional access points.

Diagnosing Major Plumbing Issues with Sewer Inspection Cameras

Plumbing video inspections can help to take the guesswork out of repair. If a more serious issue is detected, like a broken sewer pipe or leaking main water line, we can make a custom resolution for you, discussing all of your options for fixing your plumbing issue permanently. Because we’ve used a sewer inspection camera to diagnose the issue, we’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed–and more importantly, where. This can save you a lot of headache over plumbing repair!

If you’re looking for a qualified and dependable plumbing service that uses high-tech tools like plumbing video inspection, look to Pacific Plumbing & Drain. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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