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Debris Removal and hydro excavation services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA by Pacific Plumbing and Drain

Debris removal is the process of hauling away construction and landscaping debris. It’s typically needed on demolition sites, areas where vegetation has accumulated, and areas where concrete and asphalt need to be carried away. Debris removal was previously done using backhoes with scoops attached to them. But since the invention of hydro excavation, it is the preferred method of debris removal.

Traditional Debris Removal

Before the invention of hydro excavation, backhoes were commonly used in debris removal. The heavy machinery uses a mounted scoop to excavate and haul away debris. This method leaves a work site cleared, but not cleaned and oftentimes it damages the environment. Also, if the equipment malfunctions, accidents could happen and hurt workers.

Debris Removal Method

Hydro excavation is a digging method that involves highly-pressurized water and air. It is the ideal method for removing debris and cleaning out a variety of sites, especially ones that have tight and sensitive areas. It’s not only safe, but it’s quick and cost-effective.

How Debris Removal with Hydro Excavation Works

Due to hydro excavation’s non-destructive process that uses no mechanical equipment, debris can be removed without causing damage to the surrounding area. Pressurized water is blasted into the ground using a handheld device without any destruction to the environment. The soil, which turns to a slurry, is then vacuumed from the site and transferred into a large debris tank through a debris hose. No additional equipment is required.

Benefits of Using Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is now the most preferred method of digging because it brings a number of benefits:

  1. It’s more accurate
  2. It’s cost-effective
  3. Hydro excavation is efficient
  4. Because of its precision, it limits accidents and injuries for workers
  5. Avoids damage to underground lines, pipes, and cables
  6. It’s environmentally friendly
  7. Clean up is quicker and easier

Hydro excavation for your next project

Whether your debris removal includes solids or liquids, hydro excavation is an effective solution. Hydro excavation gets the job done faster and more accurately. If you’re interested in debris removal contact Pacific Plumbing & Drain today! Our experts can get the job done quickly and efficiently with hydro excavation.

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