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Piling hole excavation in Portland OR and Vancouver WA by Pacific Plumbing and DrainHydro excavation is one of the most exciting innovations in plumbing excavation technology. Because this method of excavation uses water to remove soil instead of a hand shovel or backhoe, holes can be dug that are more precise and easier to dig out.

What is Piling Hole Excavation?

Piling holes require exact measurements and careful planning. Before hydro excavation, piling holes were always dug by hand or with a backhoe. Both of these methods are inexact and messy, and can destroy the surrounding landscape. If the piling hole is particularly large, a backhoe would have to dig out a substantial square footage of dirt before being able to reach the depth required.


Benefits of Using Hydro Excavation to Dig Piling Holes

Hydro excavation uses high pressure water to cut through soil. A vacuum hose is placed side by side with the excavator, so soil and rocks can be removed immediately. This system allows the hole and work space to be cleaner and safer. It also allows for precise movements around utility lines and sensitive components, like drain pipes, electrical lines, fiber optic cables, and water supply lines.

Hydro excavation is a simple, self-contained process which requires much less equipment than a backhoe would. The equipment is expensive, but the benefits are well worth it:

  • Hydro excavation speeds this process significantly.
  • Piling holes can be dug more precisely
  • Holes can be dug to further depths
  • Little to no disturbance to the surrounding soil
  • Faster process
  • Can be used year round, because heated high pressure water can cut through frozen ground
  • Can be used more precisely, to avoid destruction of utility lines and poles

Who uses hydro excavation for piling hole excavation?

Using hydro excavation to dig piling holes requires special equipment and training. Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services has invested resources into training our technicians on the best way to use hydro excavation, and we’re confident in our ability to deliver exceptional piling hole excavation. No matter the season, Pacific Plumbing & Drain can dig your piling holes to exact measurements! If you’re interested in using hydro excavation to get your piling holes in the ground, contact us today.

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