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When most people hear the word “excavation”, they think of a backhoe or large digging equipment. Excavation has come a long way in the last couple of decades, and newer technology makes it possible to excavate without causing a massive disturbance within the landscape.

Utility pipes and cables are also more frequently housed in plastic, which has required the invention of new excavation methods, including potholing excavation.

What is Potholing Vacuum Excavation?

Potholing excavation is the process of removing soil with a vacuum, creating a hole. This type of excavation may involve high pressure water jets that are used to loosen the dirt and rocks, but potholing can also just be used with a vacuum.

Potholing excavation is frequently used in daylighting: the process of exposing utility pipes and cables for repair or further cabling.


How Does Potholing Vacuum Excavation Work?

The first potholing excavation process was developed by using a large truck intended for sewage removal. As the process has been refined, specific equipment was designed for potholing. These trucks are smaller, more affordable, and more easily maneuvered into tight spaces. Potholing excavation trucks are designed to fit into smaller spaces like the edges of streets or in backyards. This creates less soil disturbance around the area and can also significantly reduce the time spent on excavation.

Benefits of Potholing Excavation

Because daylighting utility cables requires delicate work in a small amount of space, using a backhoe is not an option. Potholing equipment can remove soil quickly without damaging pipes and cables, and it also minimizes the invasion or disturbance of the landscape around it.

Here are just a few of the benefits of potholing:

  • Smaller equipment more suited for tight spaces
  • Faster soil removal than traditional excavation
  • Holes can be as large or as small as necessary
  • Soil can be removed and then used again as backfill
  • Convenient for daylighting, or identifying where utility pipes are located
  • More gentle than traditional excavation, so pipes aren’t damaged or broken

Plumbing and Potholing Vacuum Excavation

Your plumbing system, main water line, and main sewer line are all vital to the function of your home. When other utilities in your yard need to be excavated in order to be repaired, it’s important to use a method that won’t damage your plumbing or any other utility. If your home has a break in the sewer line, or another repair that needs to be completed on a pipe underground, potholing can be a very helpful tool. If you need plumbing excavation services, contact Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services, and ask about our potholing excavation services!

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