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real estate septic-system checks and diagnoses from Pacific Plumbing And Drain in Vancouver WA and Portland ORWhenever a home is being sold, there are several system inspections the state requires. If your home has a septic tank, you may be required (depending on your state and county) to have it inspected before the sale of the home. You are responsible for scheduling and paying for that inspection. Not sure if you need a septic tank inspection? Check with your county’s health department!

Even if your county doesn’t require an inspection, it’s smart to have one done every couple of years, and definitely before selling your home. You are required to disclose any problems with the septic tank to a potential buyer. Failing to do so may result in loss of sale or even a lawsuit!

The professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain will help you understand the inspection requirements and processes. Septic tank inspections are set up to protect public health and your home, and they should be performed by a professional.

Don’t wait for a septic inspection before selling your home.

Don’t delay that inevitable septic tank inspection, or wait until the last minute. If the inspector determines that the system does not meet the state requirements, you may not be able to fix it in time for the closing of your home!

Problems that show up during the inspection of a septic system of any age may not be apparent during normal daily use. Tree roots and blockages in the system are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This is why we recommend regular septic tank inspections. If you schedule one every couple of years, you can minimize unexpected or major repairs.

Septic tank inspections are even more important when selling an older home.

Much older homes with aging septic systems may have unidentified hidden problems. If extensive repairs on the system are discovered during the septic system inspection, this could end up being a deal breaker with the buyers. The homeowners could lose the sale if the septic tank repairs go beyond simple repairs, like replacing the system pump.

A plumbing inspector will look at your septic tank closely.

At Pacific Plumbing & Drain, we believe in comprehensive inspections. We’ll look at the health of your entire system, including:

  • Signs of broken or missing tees
  • Septic tank lids
    • Do they need to be replaced? 
  • Evidence of deterioration and decay within the tank
  • The structural stability of the tank’s walls
  • Signs of deterioration within the distribution box
  • Drain field lines
    • Are they functioning correctly?
    • We’ll also perform an absorption test.
  • Soil compaction and root invasion within the tank and drain field.

If you’re in the process of selling your home, it’s important to have a qualified septic system inspector examine your plumbing system. Call Pacific Plumbing & Drain today, and schedule your septic tank inspection!

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