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SEPTIC LINE VIDEO INSPECTION by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver WA and Portland ORThe primary objective of a septic line video inspection is to determine if the septic line is functioning properly. The septic line video also evaluates the condition of the system and determines if any repairs are required. However, septic line repair procedures can be expensive. For efficient maintenance and upkeep, a septic line scope offers quality diagnoses to identify any potential problem within the home’s plumbing system.

A Septic Line Video Inspection Locates:

  • Root intrusions
  • Clogs and blockages in pipes
  • Pipe connection leaks
  • Cracks in septic lateral lines
  • Items lost in sewage line
  • Misalignment of pipes due to poor installation practices
  • Bellied pipelines
  • Deterioration of old piping


A septic line scope is performed when a video camera is attached to a septic line scope and is inserted into the septic cleanout lines. The septic or sewer cleanout is located in the crawlspace, basement or outside where the lines exit the house. Pinpointing the location of the trouble area is quicker and easier with the septic line video. Both the home’s septic cleanout and the city main is examined and assessed for any situations that affect the line’s performance. In addition, potential emergencies are detected and averted.


Septic line video inspections are now standard procedure for single-family home real estate transactions. It takes one hour to complete the video but offers the seller peace of mind during the sales process.
The results of the septic line inspection are available to the seller once complete. If the septic line is clear and passes inspection, a final report and DVD are available for review. However, a proposal to complete the necessary repairs is submitted if problems are found in the septic line. A positive report on the septic line releases the seller from future liability, because the new owner is now aware that the home’s septic line is currently clear and in working order. With Pacific Plumbing & Drain’s expertise, we assess the septic line and provide you with several possibilities to remedy the problems found during the inspection.

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