Water Line Replacement

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Water lines deliver water to a home or business with convenience. This enables people to safely acquire drinking water, wash their bodies, and utilize modern conveniences like bathrooms. The problem is that water lines are not without faults. Shifts in the ground, old pipes, and bad luck make a water line leak. This allows undesirable components to mix with drinking water, which in turn makes that water taste funny or unsafe to drink. Water line replacement is one service that helps property owners remedy their water line problems. Existing water lines can be replaced, which in turn fixes any problems that a faulty line creates.

Water Line Replacement Services

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

This innovative technique known as trenchless water main installation has replaced the need to dig large trenches all over the homeowner’s property. With just a moderate hole dug at each end of the damaged pipe, the water line can be repaired with minimal damage to the area.

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Excavated Water Line Replacements

Contingent on the type of piping used initially in the main water line of the home, it may be necessary for main water line replacements. If the homebuilder used the older galvanized or iron pipes, replacing these pipes would be advisable.

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Water Leak Detection Servcies

With expert water leak detection services performed by Pacific Plumbing & Drain, a non-invasive way to accurately pinpoint a hidden sewer or water leak, a homeowner can have a leak identified immediately to diminish any extra damage to the property.

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Water Leak Detection Services

To repair a leak, it is important to determine where it is. This is why leak detection is an invaluable tool. While there are many ways to detect water leaks, the most accurate is by utilizing specialized equipment. This allows detection of the leak with regards to its specific location in the pipe. Once the leak is detected, repairs begin.

Water Line Replacement Methods

At Pacific Plumbing and Drain, two methods are used to replace water lines:

  1. Trenchless replacement
  2. Excavated replacement

Trenchless water line replacement is the most convenient form of replacement. It utilizes a machine that shoots the new water line underground using only two small excavation holes. This is used to replace the existing water line or to add a new line entirely. The advantage of trenchless replacement is the fact that it does not require the entire line to be excavated. This can leave precious plants and green lawns unharmed. Excavated water line replacements are the traditional method of faulty water line replacement. They require the entire portion of the line to be excavated. This method of replacement requires more time, but it is ideal if only a small portion of line needs to be replaced.


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