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Do I Want Pipe Relining or Pipe Replacement?

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If you have a sewer line that’s leaking or damaged, you have two basic options to fix it. There’s pipe lining, also called pipe relining, or there’s pipe replacement. Read on to find out which one makes more sense for you.

How Pipe Replacement Works

First, a plumber will need to dig excavation trenches in your yard to access the section of sewer line that needs to be replaced. The size and depth of the trenches will depend on how much pipe needs to be replaced and how deeply the pipe is buried. 

Next, the plumber will remove and replace the damaged pipe. If the section of pipe is small and not buried too deeply, pipe replacement can be cost effective. However, there are several drawbacks to pipe replacement.

Pipe Replacement Disadvantages 

  • Pipe replacement generally takes longer and costs more than pipe relining.
  • Heavy equipment may be needed to excavate trenches on your property.
  • The cost of repairing excavated surfaces (lawn, sidewalk, patio, driveway, street)

How Pipe Relining Works

Whether you call it pipe lining, pipe relining, epoxy pipe lining or cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe lining, this process works the same way. In pipe relining, a plumber will first locate the pipeline to be replaced and dig a few small access pits above it. 

Then they’ll inspect the inside of the pipe with a plumbing video camera to locate the damage. Next, they’ll use hydro jetting to clean and prepare the pipe for the next step. Finally, the plumber will pour epoxy resin into the pipe and cure it. The epoxy adheres to the inside of the pipe and creates a protective watertight lining.

Pipe Relining Advantages 

  • Less labor results in lower costs and faster completion.
  • It’s much less invasive because there are no large excavation trenches.
  • The useful life of a relined pipe is long, typically 20 to 50 years.

Which Should I Choose?

It used to be that pipe replacement was the only option. Today, improved technology has enabled pipes to be relined instead of replaced. In most cases, pipe relining is a less costly, less disruptive and faster way to fix a leaking or damaged sewer line. However, in some cases, it may not be an option. For example, pipe relining can’t be used to repair a pipe that’s totally severed or collapsed.

At Pacific Plumbing & Drain we have years of experience providing pipe relining and pipe replacement services. We can help determine whether pipe relining is a good option for you. Call us today to get your quote!

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