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Plumbing Construction And Remodel Services from Pacific Construction And Remodel Services in Vancouver WA and Portland ORWhether building a dream home or remodeling an existing one to make it better fit their lifestyle, it is important that homeowners hire a reputable plumbing contractor to design and install pipes, drains and fixtures. Designing the plumbing system can be stressful and confusing without the right knowledge and expertise. It is essential that the system function properly to meet the needs of the occupants as well as adhere to all applicable building codes. A full-service residential plumbing construction and remodeling services provider can also offer tips and advice, especially on the latest energy saving ideas. An experienced plumbing contractor can act as project manager overseeing the work from conception through to the end.

Residential new construction remodel plumbing involves organizing the infrastructure of pipes, fixtures and drains so that water is readily supplied and waste is carried away efficiently. The goal should also be for the design to support form as well as function. This means selecting the right faucets, sinks and other fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing and meet the design and architectural layout of the home in addition to supplying water to where it is needed. The plumbing layout should also take future servicing needs and possible upgrades into account.

Residential Plumbing Repipes

Part of a remodeling project could include swapping out the older existing pipes for ones made from modern materials. Older homes may have lead, galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes. While the metal pipes can corrode and leach toxins into the water, the plastic polymer pipes can fail prematurely. Depending upon the exact requirements, copper pipe or flexible PEX is the recommended replacement option. They are both resistant to corrosion. Copper is the industry standard for fixed pipes, and PEX is ideal for offset connections. New pipes can give a homeowner peace-of-mind that everything is functioning as it should while hidden away inside walls.

Residential Energy Efficient Fixture Upgrades

More people are embracing newer more environmentally friendly technology in various aspects of their lives. This can include the fixtures and other plumbing components installed inside their homes. While toilets designed in the 1990s dropped water usage from 4 gallons of water per flush (gpf) to 1.6 gpf, there are newer models that use even less. Dual flush models have one button for liquids and another button that provides slightly more water for solid waste. There are also ultra low-flow faucets and showerheads. On-demand tankless water heaters use less energy. These upgrade fixtures help homeowners save water, energy and utility costs.

Plumbing Repipes

Buildings constructed before 1970 have plumbing systems with a higher potential for developing corrosion and leaks. It is generally recommended that property owners have an experienced residential plumber inspect the building and diagnose the health of the pipes.

Copper and PEX Repipes

Plumbers can offer their clients multiple options for repiping existing pipes or replacing only a damaged section of plumbing. Plumbers and owners can now choose between copper repipes, or PEX repipes to repair or upgrade their homes and businesses.

Energy Efficient Fixture Upgrades

More people are embracing the idea of going green whenever possible. Along with recycling various materials, homeowners are looking for other ways to conserve resources like water and save energy. They are able to lower their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

New Construction Plumbing

When creating the design plan, a veteran plumbing contractor will make recommendations about which materials to use. This may include energy- and resource-efficient fixtures like low- and ultralow-flow faucets, showers and toilets as well as on demand tankless or solar water heaters.

Main Water Line Plumbing

If the main water line or associated connections corrode and fail, you end up with no water, low water flow, high bills, and a soaked yard. At Pacific Plumbing & Drain, we can quickly diagnose the main water line plumbing problem and provide an affordable solution.

Plumbing Leak Repair

Plumbing leaks are common occurrences that are typically straightforward to resolve if addressed swiftly. If you are negligent in resolving minor plumbing leaks within your property or commercial business, you are opening yourself up to future potential problems.

Plumbing Line Video Inspections

Draining problems can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, technology has reached the point where we can now perform plumbing line video scope inspections, also known as a sewer scope. Plumbers are now able to look inside the plumbing line to diagnose problems.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Every moment that you have a water main line leak it could cost you in loss of water pressure and bring about a disturbingly high water bill. Here at Pacific Plumbing & Drain, we are available to affordably fix the problem and restore the natural flow of water to your home.

Residential New Construction Plumbing

New homes and remodeling projects are very common. Homeowners redesign new blueprints and existing layouts that do not fit their lifestyle. This includes adding additional bathrooms and living space like family rooms with wet bars. It is important the extensive network of pipes and drains that will be hidden inside walls, floors and ceilings efficiently transport potable water and remove organic waste. The plan will also make sure that new fixtures connect with older pipes correctly or new pipes match older fixtures that are being reused. This ensures that a new home or remodeled one is well constructed and safe to use.

Why Hire a Professional Residential Plumber Contractor?

Whether updating an existing home or building from the ground up, a plumber experienced in providing a full range of residential plumbing construction and remodeling services will make the project go smoother. An experienced project manager knows ways to make a home more environmentally and user friendly while staying within budget constraints. In addition to being licensed, a reputable plumbing contractor undergoes continuing education and training to stay abreast of local codes and new trends in the industry. A plumbing contractor with a strong reputation can also interact more easily with other trades, such as electrical, carpentry and air conditioning, to ensure that they all work closely when installing the residential new construction remodel plumbing fixtures and other components. This applies for a retrofit or upgrade as well.

These concepts apply to single-family homes and apartment buildings. It is important that property owners work with the most qualified plumbing contractors to ensure that the infrastructure supports major appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sump pumps and other residential water needs. The installation may also require backflow preventers, water softening systems and connections for a lawn sprinkler. An experienced project manager will also design a system with future maintenance requirements in mind.

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