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Residential New Construction Plumbing Services by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver Wa and Portland Or

New home construction and remodeling projects require a design plan that includes the supporting plumbing network. This is true whether the project is a kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodel or the ground up construction of a new home.

Energy Efficiency

When creating the design plan, a veteran plumbing contractor will make recommendations about which materials to use. This may include energy- and resource-efficient fixtures like low- and ultralow-flow faucets, showers and toilets as well as on demand tankless or solar water heaters. These products can reduce utility bills and save homeowners money. An experienced plumbing contractor also understands the process required to connect newer fixtures to older systems.

Designing the System

An experienced residential new construction plumbing contractor will evaluate where each supply line, drain and fixture needs to go for the most efficient system. This includes determining which plumbing components will be encased in walls or floors as well as the best way to access the lines for future repairs and upgrades. The design will reflect the distinct requirements of a bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. With the realization that not all fittings and joints are universal, the plan will outline the exact type and size pipe, fitting and fixture required for all aspects of the project. A veteran plumber will also use the best materials available on the market for these components. A detailed prior plan will help prevent repairs in the future.

Project Management

An experienced residential new construction plumbing contractor can make all the difference in ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget. A reputable contractor can work with the other trades during the planning process and on-site to make sure everything goes according to plan. If a problem does arise, a veteran plumbing contractor has the knowledge to devise a suitable work around that does not compromise safety or efficiency.

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