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It’s amazing how reliable modern plumbing systems are. Unfortunately, galvanized pipes eventually do wear out. The coating on the pipes gets eroded away over time, exposing bare steel which then rusts. Rusted pipes lead to low water flow and are prone to breaking.

Call the local professionals at Pacific Plumbing and Drain at 360-326-8800 right away. We are equipped to handle all of your plumbing pipe replacement needs big or small. Our courteous and friendly technicians will diagnose the drainage problem and fix it fast, at an affordable price. We offer 24-hour Emergency Service 7 days a week.

When Is Home Plumbing Pipe Replacement Needed?

If the pipes in a home are over 30 years old, there’s a good chance that plumbing issues will start appearing more regularly than before. When pipes start breaking or water flow becomes unacceptable, a full repipe may be in order.

Some of the signs of degraded pipes include:

  • Low water pressure in one or more fixtures
  • Problems using the sink and the shower at the same time
  • Flushing the toilet makes the shower extremely hot
  • One or more pipes break or start leaking
  • Occasional water that looks brown or tastes like metal

What are the Benefits of New Residential Plumbing Repipes?

A new piping installation will help restore water pressure in all fixtures. It will also prevent leaks. Older pipes are prone to breakage. If a break or leak goes undetected, there could be extensive damage to the home. Water damage is extremely costly to repair and can lead to health risks from mold growth.

Newly installed plumbing has better insulation than older steel systems. Combined with the improved flow of corrosion-free pipes, hot water makes it to the sink and shower much faster.

Residential plumbing repipes also make it easier to change plumbing fixtures in the home. New copper and PEX piping is much easier to work with than old galvanized pipes, making any plumbing job faster and cheaper. A good plumbing system is essential to the lasting integrity of a home.

With all of the problems that old piping can cause, home plumbing repipes are a solid investment for any homeowner who wishes to stay in their home for many years. From improved livability to disaster prevention, having pipes replaced is one of the most far-reaching improvements that can be made to a home. Pacific Plumbing and Drain will make sure the job is done right and within at an affordable cost.

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