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Copper and PEX Repipes by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver Wa and Portland Or

With the modernization of plumbing, materials, and techniques for repiping a home no longer feels like it’s being built from the bottom up today. Plumbers can offer their clients multiple options for repiping existing pipes or replacing only a damaged section of plumbing. Copper is no longer the primary go-to piping for projects. Plumbers and owners can now choose between copper repipes, or PEX repipes to repair or upgrade their homes and businesses. A qualified licensed plumber will be happy to inspect the property to identify any significant plumbing problems within a home to determine what repiping material will best suit the property’s unique needs.

What Can Copper Repipes Offer?

Copper plumbing systems bring added value to buildings when it’s time to sell despite the added initial expense to owners. Copper piping is amazingly durable, and its natural material is lightweight yet sturdy. Copper has a bacteriostatic nature, helping to deter bacterial growth in a home’s water supply keeping the family’s water clean. The piping is non-toxic, lead-free and not made of synthetic material that will become problematic as it ages. Plumbers approve of copper thanks to its dependability and practically all building codes accept copper for plumbing projects. Plumbers enjoy working with copper because it does not bend or sag. Copper is durable and is lead-free.

PEX Repipes by Pacific Plumbing and Services in Vancouver Wa and Portland Or

The Advantages of PEX Piping

U.S. plumbers started using PEX piping in the 1980s, and its popularity has grown thanks to its versatility. Plumbers use it under walkways and floors, under slab foundations, and for radiant heating systems. Its ability to expand when needed has helped avoid burst pipes. It is easy to install limiting the need to demolish walls in the installation process. PEX piping does not corrode and is flexible as well as durable. They’re immune to the mineral buildup that plaque other plumbing material. PEX requires fewer fittings lessening the chances of leaky joints.

Practical Solutions for Copper and PEX Repipes

Both Copper and PEX repipes proffer sensible solutions for repiping jobs. These pipeline options are considered the industry’s best choice for buildings requiring new plumbing systems. Consider these facts to help make an informed decision for that repiping project.

  • PEX piping made of durable material that is amazingly flexible
  • Copper piping is created from quality natural materials
  • PEX piping takes less time to install than a copper repiping job
  • PEX pipelines are considerably less expensive to install
  • Copper piping prices have risen over the years
  • Property values rise when copper plumbing is installed in buildings

Both PEX and Copper repipes require trained competent plumbers to secure the home’s future devoid of incessant plumbing issues


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