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Sewer Line Plumbing And Repair from Pacific Plumbing And Drain Services in Vancouver WA and Portland ORA clear sewer line is essential for the health of your property’s plumbing system. A compromised sewer line has the potential to affect the entirety of your plumbing system, and can result in backed up sewage in your pipes. When your sewer line needs servicing, hiring a professional is in your best interest. At home sewer line cleaning remedies and do it yourself detection is discouraged, as you have the potential to do more harm than good. For superior quality sewer line inspection, diagnoses, sewer line repair and sewer line cleaning in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services is here to serve you!

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Sewer Scope Inspection

Are you looking at buying a new home? Are you a real estate agent, needing to schedule home inspection services? No need for guesswork, a sewer scope will show you exactly what condition the sewer line is in.

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Sewer Excavation

Your sewer line is beyond repair and has to be excavated, so you’ve been told. Is a dig really necessary? Get a second opinion sewer inspection from someone who has nothing to gain from sewer excavation.

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Sewer Drain Cleaning

For competent and fast sewer drain cleaning service, look no further as Pacific Plumbing & Drain Services has journeyman plumbers on staff ready to diagnose and resolve your clogged sewer line issue in a flash.

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Sewer Line Tree Root Invasion

It might sound bizarre to say there are tree roots in your sewer pipe, but it is a reality for many homeowners. At Pacific Plumbing and Drain, we offer fast diagnosis and resolution to this unexpected problem.

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Sewer Line Services We Provide

A clogged sewer line will slow down all the drains within your property. No amount of plunging, snaking or chemical cleaners will clear a sewer line blocked by growing tree roots. Chemical cleaners can also cause corrosion and deterioration, which will damage your pipes permanently.

If you have tried several drain cleaning methods with no relief for your slow drainage issues and gurgling in your pipes, it is time for a sewer line video inspection. A video inspection will inform where the tree roots are blocking the sewer line in addition to any breakages, cracks or other issues that may be affecting the integrity of your plumbing system.

If you are a realtor or prospective home buyer needing a sewer scope, give us a call to schedule one today!


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