Removing Roots from Drain Pipes

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Sewer Line Tree Root Invasion by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver WAIt might sound bizarre to say there are tree roots in your sewer pipe, but it is a reality for many homeowners. You need to have professionals assess the problem and resolve it quickly before you end up with a collapsed pipe or complete clog. At Pacific Plumbing and Drain, we offer fast diagnosis and resolution to this unexpected problem.

Why do tree roots grow into sewage pipes?

Older homes typically have sewer pipes made of clay. The pipes can crack over years of use and the changes in weather. It allows water to seep through and moisten the ground surrounding the pipe. Tree root systems will expand outwards and begin to grow around and into the pipes to gather the nutrients and water. If you have large trees by your home, it is an ideal situation that promotes infiltration of roots to your sewage system.

What are the symptoms of sewer line tree root invasion?

The symptoms of tree roots within the sewage pipes are little more than irritating initially. You will notice a slight slowing of water draining from sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. Every once in a while you may have to use a plunger to force water down. When you begin to hear a gurgling noise from the toilet and plunging no longer works, you might have a sewer line tree root invasion.

Removing Roots from Drain Pipes

Our drainage specialists at Pacific Plumbing and Drain will provide a complete inspection, including camera view, to determine the extent of the tree root problem. Until help arrives, try and limit the amount of water going down the drains. Tree roots need to be cleared as soon as possible, or the blockage will only get worse over time. The extent of repairs required will depend on the damage. In some cases, the roots can be trimmed back, and a growth inhibitor added. If the damage has collapsed the sewage pipe, it will need replacing.

Tree Root Damage and Sewer Line Repair

The worst thing you can do with root damage to a sewage pipe is to let it go unchecked. What might have been relatively inexpensive to fix at one point will eventually cost a small fortune when pipe replacement is required. Keeping the pipes maintained is essential when this type of problem develops.

Contact us at Pacific Plumbing and Drain if you suspect there is a problem with tree root invasion in your sewage pipe today! We will provide an estimate anywhere in the Vancouver WA or Portland OR area.


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