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Septic System Drainfield Repair by Pacific Plumbing and Drain in Vancouver Wa and Portland Or

If you’re a homeowner with a septic system, getting the news that your septic system’s drain field is failing is just about the worst news possible. If you’ve been told that you have no options except to dig up your existing drain field–also known as a leach field–and have it replaced, please read on. Many homeowners don’t realize that there are other options, such as septic drain field repair, that can preserve and rejuvenate your existing system.

What does a septic drain field do?

In order to understand your options, it’s helpful to understand how a septic system interacts with a drain field. These “fields”, or areas of special soil, are used to remove impurities from waste water after it has been passed through the septic tank. The waste water is distributed from the septic tank through a series of perforated pipes in the drain field. These perforated pipes allow the waste water to slowly drain, while being filtered through sand and gravel. This combination of sand and gravel filters impurities, so the water can be safely returned to the water table tens of feet below the surface.

Leach fields are placed during construction of the home, or during a septic tank installation. They need to be carefully placed and maintained to ensure proper septic function.

Should I replace my septic tank leach field?

Septic tanks are complex systems, and there could be a number of reasons why your leach field has problems. Here is a list of indications that you need a plumber to look at your drain field:

  • Ground level saturation: 
    • Unfortunately this is a tell-tale sign that your septic field can not accept anymore waste water for filtration. In many cases, this does point to having to relocate or restore your septic drain field.
  • Clogs in your drain field’s perforated piping.
    • When these drain tubes are clogged, waste water has a hard time getting to the filtering process, and as a result the entire septic system can backup because of this failure.
    • These septic field drain tubes can become clogged from many different items. Overuse of garbage disposals, or toilet paper not designed for septic systems, are often culprits.
  • Blockages caused by line breaks
  • Deteriorated or aging sewer lines
  • Plugged holes in the drain pipes due to impacted sand 

In our experience, drain field replacement is always the last resort, as it’s the most expensive.

Cost Effective Options For Septic Drain Field System Repair & Rejuvenation

Understanding that you have options when it comes to repairing your septic drain field is the first step. Always get a second opinion from a reputable company, even if you have ground level saturation and are looking at replacing your septic field. But if you don’t have ground level saturation, give us a call to schedule an inspection and assessment of your drain field’s situation. Pacific Plumbing and Drain has years of experience in helping home owners save thousands of dollars on unnecessary drain field repairs.

Septic Drain Field Line Jetting

If your septic drain field is clogged, Pacific Plumbing and Drain can located your perforated lines, dig up the distribution box and junctions, and perform line jetting on the field to open the drain holes in the piping. If clogged piping is your issue, we have found that this corrects more than 90% of drain field issues we’ve experienced over the years. It should be noted that we do not guarantee that line jetting will work in all cases, but we will be honest in our professional assessment, advising you of our expectations before any work is completed.

Septic Line Locating and Broken Line Replacement

Pacific Plumbing and Drain can locate the septic field lines, and even perform video inspections on the lines to determine if only sections need to be replaced, instead of the entire field. Overloading a septic drain field that as little as one or two broken or damaged lines can cause septic backups as well. Again, we do not guarantee this service works on all cases, but have has over 90% success in the cases we’ve repaired.


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