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Signs You Need a Plumber

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Man on the phone next to burst pipe in home. Pacific Plumbing and Drain serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA talks about the signs you need a plumber.Plumbing is one of those things people often ignore until something goes wrong and they’re suddenly standing ankle-deep in water. While many people are familiar with how to use plungers, that’s about the extent of their plumbing knowledge. And neglecting to fix a plumbing issue can worsen it.

In this blog post, we’ll look at common plumbing problems, what they mean, and when you should contact a plumber.

1. The Plunger Isn’t Helping

If you’ve been using the plunger on your toilet or sink drain, but it’s not working whatsoever, you may have a blockage deeper in your plumbing system. Snakes, augers, and hydro-jetting can quickly clear any type of blockage deep in your pipes. Keep in mind, while chemical drain cleaners are affordable, we don’t recommend using them. They don’t provide long-term solutions and they can actually damage your pipes, by carving away at the lining.

2. Slow Draining

Slow draining plumbing fixtures are generally a sign a clog is forming, which could easily be remedied again with a snake, auger or hydro-jetting. However, slow draining is also a sign of a broken pipe or improperly draining mainline. A licensed plumber can find the source of the problem and address it as necessary.

3. Water Leaks

Leaky pipe or water heater? Water leaks aren’t normal and they’re usually signs of something more serious. If any of your plumbing fixtures and appliances are leaking water, you’ll want to have a plumber inspect right away, before the problem worsens and causes damage to your home.

4. Sewage Odor

If your home is starting to smell like rotten eggs, you may have a broken sewer pipe or vent beneath your home. If you have a septic system, unpleasant odors are often signs of full septic tanks or drainfield issues. It’s a good rule of thumb to contact a plumber if you smell sewage around your property.

5. Gurgling Sounds

Do you hear unusual “gurgling” sounds from your plumbing when your washer is running or when you use the toilet? These unusual sounds are often the first sign a clog is forming or a drain is compromised.

6. Colored Water

Water should only be clear. If your water is coming out brown, yellow or red it often means you have rust in your pipes. This can mean your pipes are very old or that there’s a water main break nearby. Green water typically means the copper plumbing is eroding and if it’s blue, it means the plumbing is completely eroded. If you’re experiencing colored water, don’t drink it. It could be potentially harmful to your health. Instead, wait and contact a plumber.

7. Low Water Pressure

Sometimes low water pressure from your sink can be easily fixed by removing the aerator, cleaning it out, and replacing it. If that doesn’t restore your water pressure problem, you could have an eroded waterline, a water leak or a broken pipe. These aren’t problems aren’t DIY projects, contact your local plumber immediately.

8. Frozen Pipes

If you’re experiencing frozen pipes in the dead of winter, don’t hesitate to call a plumber immediately. Aside from the visible signs, other indicators of frozen pipes include no running water, unusual clanking sounds when you turn on the faucet, and sewage odors. Do not try to thaw the pipes yourself this can cause them to crack or burst.

Many of these plumbing issues are completely preventable by performing general maintenance and taking care of your drains. Whether you need maintenance or repairs or are experiencing a plumbing emergency, Pacific Plumbing & Drain is here for you. We service everything from drains and toilets to water heaters and septic systems.


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