Decommissioning a Septic Tank

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Concrete septic tank outdoors. Pacific Plumbing & Drain provides expert septic tank decommissioning services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Are you installing another septic tank on your property or connecting your home to the municipal sewer system? You’ll need to have your septic tank properly decommissioned before it goes out of service.

Septic tanks and holding tanks contain toxic pathogens and gases that must be removed by a licensed professional in order to avoid contaminating the environment. Pacific Plumbing and Drain is proud to offer septic tank decommissioning services.

What is the Process of Decommissioning a Septic Tank?

  • Obtain a permit: The process of decommissioning a septic tank typically begins by acquiring a permit. You’ll obtain this by filling out a form and paying the appropriate fees either to the municipal or local environment office. After you’ve been approved, you may begin having your septic tank decommissioned.
  • Locate the septic tank: Septic tanks are typically located 10 ft away from the main draining point of the home. If you do not know where your septic tank is located, you may want to enlist the help of a plumbing contractor. They’ll have the tools to quickly locate your septic tank.
  • Disconnect power: After your septic tank has been located, your licensed plumbing contractor should disconnect all power to the septic tank and its entire system.
  • Pump out the septic tank: Using a vacuum truck, the plumbing contractor will pump out any liquid or sludge and rinse it out.
  • Fill the septic tank: if you’re having your septic tank filled rather than removed, the contractor will fill the septic tank with concrete, gravel, sand or any other crushable material. Then they will replace the area with soil, bringing it back to surface grade. They should also make the ground compact to prevent settling.
  • Inspect: Your plumbing contractor should inspect the area to make sure permit requirements are being met.

What are the Dangers of an Abandoned Septic Tank?

Septic tanks can corrode over time causing them to become unstable or lead to a collapse. This can cause severe injuries or even death. Septic tanks also contain toxic gases which can be harmful to both humans and the environment if broken.

Professional Septic Tank Decommissioning Services

The process of decommissioning a septic tank should only be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor. If you have a septic tank that needs decommissioning, don’t hesitate to contact Pacific Plumbing and Drain. We’re a full-service plumbing company serving the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area and we’re your prime choice when it comes to decommissioning your septic tank safely and effectively.

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