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White vacuum truck in parking lot. Pacific Plumbing and Drain provides exceptional storm drain cleaning and catch basin cleaning services in Portland OR & Vancouver WA.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we experience a lot of rain. And when all of that water has nowhere to drain it just collects on the asphalt, leading to a flooded parking lot. Pooling water on your parking lot not only creates problems for pedestrians and drivers but it also affects the longevity of your parking lot. If you are having parking lot drainage issues, Pacific Plumbing and Drain is here for you. We have powerful vacuum trucks that use a combination of suction and high-pressure water at different flow rates to clean storm drains.

We’re dedicated to providing property managers and property owners excellent storm drain cleaning and unclogging services that you can depend on. If you have a particularly troublesome storm drain, we can use video inspection technology to discern the root of the problem and fix it in no-time. This state-of-the-art plumbing technology allows our talented technicians to see the blockage exactly where it is, so resolving the issue is a swift process.

What is a Storm Drain?

Storm drains, also called catch basins, are drains designed to collect and divert rainwater to help prevent flooding. They’re commonly used on properties with swimming pools, extensive landscaping, or extreme contours. You may have seen these grated systems in parking lots or near curbs.

Do I Need Storm Drain Cleaning?

If your storm drain is clogged you may experience:

  • Unpleasant odors in your yard
  • Standing water on your lawn
  • Backups

If you are noticing any of these signs with your storm drains, you’ll want to contact us right away. Standing water will damage your property and attract pests like mosquitoes — which are known to carry harmful viruses.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basins are installed in the ground, so they are exposed to leaves, branches, trash, and other debris which over time can cause your catch basin to clog. This is why we recommend catch basin cleaning services at least once a year, especially at the end of fall.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm drains avert flooding water by collecting rain and groundwater then leading it to a stream, river, or wastewater facility. Because of the consistently wet and rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest, storm drain maintenance is extremely important in preventing sidewalk and street flooding. Excessive flooding is not only a concern for safety; it can also damage vehicles and even your property when at its worst.

How Often Should I Clean my Storm Drain?

How often you clean your catch basin will depend on the size of your storm drain and how quickly it collects debris. Your location may also be a factor. We generally recommend bimonthly cleanings to ensure your storm drain is doing its job to prevent flooding.

Regular Storm Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

The best way to keep your storm drain functioning at its best is to keep up with regular storm drain cleaning and maintenance with Pacific Plumbing. Our trusted drain cleaning professionals are experts at clearing backed out drains, keeping flooding at bay at protecting your property. Typically, storm drains and catch basins become bogged down by debris such as leaves and dirt. Storm drains can also get clogged from garbage which can cause rapid flooding. With 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services, should you ever encounter a storm drain flooding emergency, we will be there to help you.

Professional Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Avoid drainage issues and ensure you have effective stormwater management practices in place by contacting us at Pacific Plumbing and Drain. We service and clean all types of drains including storm drains. We’ll ensure stormwater is being channeled appropriately to minimize any negative effects on your property. So contact us today for fast and reliable storm drain cleaning. We look forward to working with you!


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