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Running shower water. Pacific Plumbing and Drain sells, installs, and repairs electric water heaters in Portland Or and Vancouver WA.

Your electric water heater is responsible for heating up the water used in the home. Unlike a fuel-powered water heater, there are no fuel lines or deliveries required. Many homeowners find that electric water heaters are easier to maintain and may even save them money over time. There are no pilot lights involved and they are a safer and more efficient option when compared to other choices.

Types of Electric Water Heaters

  • Standard Tank: Standard tanks come in all different sizes, and we’ll help you to choose the size of the tank depending on your family and the amount of water usage that is normal for you. The tank will fill up with water from your well or public water supply and the heating elements inside work to heat the water before it is dispersed throughout the house. Standard electric tanks are the most common and are often the most affordable when it comes to installation.
  • High-Efficiency Tank: A high-efficiency tank is ideal for homeowners who want to keep track of the usage of their tanks and how they function. These types of tanks often have built-in sensors that can monitor for leaks and other problems, like a blown internal element. While more expensive, these tanks can save you money long-term by allowing you to control temperature and use the water heater in a way that is more efficient.
  • Hybrid Heat Pump: A hybrid heat pump will actually pull air from around the water heater to efficiently warm the water. In short, the hybrid option uses a type of HVAC system to actually heat the water that you will be using in the home. This provides you with a more efficient option that will save you money by using less energy throughout the building.

Electric Water Heater Repair

There may come a time when you are in need of electric water heater repair. Certain issues can occur that can hinder the overall functionality of the appliance. A heating element inside the tank may blow, rendering the heater useless until it is fixed. Another problem that you might be experiencing is a leaking water heater that is causing issues with flooding where it’s located. Our efficient electric water heater repair ensures that your home is kept comfortable for you and your family. We will find the problem and quickly work to repair it so that you can go back to enjoying having hot water.

Electric Water Heater Cost

The price involved with electric water heater cost will vary depending on the specific type you choose. Standard tanks are often the least expensive, but high-efficiency and hybrid heat pump options can save you money over time. We can help you to decide on the specific type of tank that is best suited to your needs.

Professional Electric Water Heater Installation

At Pacific Plumbing & Drain, we offer high-quality electric water heater installation for homeowners looking to add a high-efficiency option to their households. We take care of all the electric components of hooking up the water heater as well as ensuring all plumbing lines are properly in place. We will then work to ensure that you are getting hot water from your new water heater in a quick and efficient manner. The installation process is quick and easy, and you are left with a high-quality water heater that will last you for years.

We are committed to offering superior customer service so that you can live comfortably throughout the year. So contact Pacific Plumbing & Drain today for your electric water heater needs!

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