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What heaters play an important role in your home. They provide you with hot water for showers, dishes, laundry, and more. If you’re interested in installing a new water heater for your home, gas water heaters are a popular choice due to their efficiency.

Gas Water Heater Types

Gas water heaters can either be fueled by natural gas or propane and are available in two types:

  • Conventional gas water heaters: these are the tank-type water heaters that keep hot water stored in a tank. They are constantly running to keep the water warm.
  • Tankless gas water heaters: these types of water heaters work by running water through coils quickly. Since water is heated on-demand, there is no need for a tank. Tankless gas water heaters are more efficient than conventional tank-type water heaters.


How Much Do Gas Water Heaters Cost?

Gas water heaters typically cost more initially, but you’ll save more in the long run because of their high-efficiency. You may also qualify for rebates if your new unit is Energy Star certified.

Experts in Gas Water Heater Repair

As with any other appliance, you’ll need to have your gas water heater regularly serviced to keep it running properly and efficiently. We recommend having your unit serviced at least twice a year. Having your unit professionally inspected can help diagnose any small issues now, preventing you from costly repairs later. If your gas water heater is showing signs of failure or is not working efficiently, contact Pacific Plumbing and Drain. Our licensed plumbing contractors will inspect your unit and make the necessary repairs quickly. We also provide emergency services!

Professional Gas Water Heater Installation

One of the most significant investments you can make to your home is by installing a gas water heater. So if you’re looking to buy a gas water heater or your current unit needs repairs Pacific Plumbing and Drain is here for you. We are highly skilled in all types of water heaters, including gas water heaters. We’ll help you find the right unit that’s best for you and your family and help you maintain it. So contact us today with all of your water heater needs!

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