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Solar energy has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, and switching over to a solar water heater is an excellent home upgrade. In addition to being incredibly efficient, these systems are also very easy to install and maintain. The solar water heater installation process can usually be completed in a matter of days, and you should notice an immediate drop in your energy bills. If you are in the market for a new water heater, then you might consider a high-efficiency unit that is powered by solar energy.

What is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater system is comprised of these main components: switches, the tank, and the collector. Solar water heaters fall into one of two categories: active and passive.

  • Active systems: in these systems, water moves through the solar collectors into the tank via electrical pumps and controls. A heat transfer solution similar to antifreeze is used in solar collectors. The solution flows into the piping of a heat exchanger and is eventually pumped into the tank. This system is common in colder climates.
  • Passive systems: There are two main variations of passive systems. In Integral Collector-storage Systems (ICS), a portion of water from the storage tank is heated and called upon when needed. In Thermosyphons, a collector supplies hot water that’s been heated and stored. This system provides a more steady supply of instant hot water. Thermosyphons generally cost more but are more efficient.

The Advantages of a Solar Water Heater

There are quite a few reasons why many homeowners are now upgrading to solar water heating systems. These units can reduce your energy bills by an incredible amount and minimize your impact on the environment. As an added bonus, these systems are also more affordable than ever, and the total solar water heater cost is lower than most people realize.

You might also want to research your state and federal tax codes to see if you will receive any tax credits for solar water heater installation. Adding a high-efficiency water heater to your home could potentially lower your taxes by a significant amount. In some situations, these units can pay for themselves within just a few years.

Solar Water Heater Cost

Your final solar water heater cost is going to depend on a few different factors that must be decided before the system is installed. Passive solar water heaters are very affordable, but they can be impacted by local weather patterns and outdoor temperatures. Active solar water heaters, on the other hand, utilize pumps and antifreeze to quickly bring the water up to a consistently high temperature.

Installing an active solar heater is a simple and straightforward process as long as your roof gets plenty of sunlight. Solar water heater repair is also going to be very simple with an active system because our contractors will be able to easily access all of the primary components.

Experts in Solar Water Heater Installation

If you are tired of skyrocketing energy bills, then it might be time to consider one of these advanced systems. We at Pacific Plumbing and Drain can have your upgraded unit installed before you know it, and you will immediately notice a shift in your energy bills. We also offer very affordable solar water heater repair and maintenance services. With the proper maintenance plan, we can make sure that your new water heater continues to work flawlessly for years to come.

This type of system is also going to be a great option if your traditional water heater can’t keep up with your hot water demands. A solar heating system can be scaled up to meet your needs, and that means your family won’t have to worry about running out of hot water when multiple people are showering, doing laundry, or cleaning the dishes. Please call Pacific Plumbing and Drain today to learn more about these cutting-edge water heating units.

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